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2005-07-14 - the clash - 2:22 a.m.

it's a sad thing when one falls in love with new fall fashion, and it is just too hot outside to wear much of it. who wants to layer socks under maryjanes when it's 99 degrees outside?
today a dilemma was witnessed. Denim and the Black Cami.
Why is this? No one seems to know the reason, but with all of the colors and styles that this season has to offer- why so much denim with black?
denim in general is taking the backseat. so are camis, realistically, once the temperature drops. skin is gone. dresses with sleeves. and patterns.
and pale is the new tan- but it will be quite some time before this is mainstream.
put away your iridescant eyeshadows, it's time for some matte to the extreme. and maybe give the eyeliner a rest for a while- experiment around with it. think about those marc jacobs models- isn't there something strangely alluring about them, as outlandish as they are?
now back to two things that are oddly, yet definitely tied together. The denim+camis and the skin.

-refer to this entry for more insight onto what I am now talking about.
- insecure females who dress from abercrombie because they can't seem to find a sense of self well enough to find their individual style
-so therefore shop at abercrombie, and such stores which sell clothing that never seems to have enough fabric+being a joke in comparison to real fashion and also projecting a lack of individuality.
-flared denim has been annihilated from high fashion, and as all fashion trends go, will soon be working its way down.
-skin-baring and skin cancer have also been eliminated. along with gobs of make-up.

so what will happen? there is about to be a clash between the real fashion world and the secure 'fashion' facade. most trends in fashion originate from high fashion- those designers who just know. If one is aware of the history of fashion- then the future is almost easily predicted, or atleast manipulated. everyone knows the old saying history tends to repeat itself. fashion is no exception.
This is an amazing thing about trends. Some are short and choppy, such as butterflies. It was merely 5-6 years ago when they were featured on accessories, and now they're back. Clothing lines, such as Abercrombie- also have a trend expiration. Given theirs is much longer than most, - it's going. People's urges to become "an individual" are growing to be stronger than those "fitting in" urges.
Also- seeing Abercrombie clothes seems to have a certain "aura"- like, "i purchased this at Abercrombie because I do not like to look like an indiviual, I like to wear things so other people think I look good/attractive and that's the only reason why".
there is nothing unique about the clothing there, except that it has an AF tag on it.
in other news, welcome the opaque legging back to your wardrobe. hold on tight to leg warmers- they're slipping away to make room for the more hobo-appearing knee sock. layers and colors, but don't fear lots of black. it's back.
and who can complain?

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